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Have you noticed your utility bills rising lately? Well, you came to the right place.


It’s true – prices are increasing faster than wages (and have been for a while). In fact, you probably pay out 5-6% of your family income on electricity and heating. If you're on low pay, it may be more.


Wouldn’t you prefer to spend some of that on other things (home comforts, eating out, hobbies…)?


Well, by using less energy, you’ll have more money to spend. You’ll be more comfortable too. Our tips will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, for less money. That’s why the European Commission is funding our adorable team of characters to help you get there. Give our tips a try, and watch those savings add up!

Plus, if you are ready to make even bigger savings, we’ll point you to some impressive cash incentives and support from your government.


You may be surprised by what's on offer.


Go on… save money on energy, spend it on you!




For more tips on how to be energy efficient while protecting the planet for future generations, visit the European Commission website for Climate Action.